What Are Some Pergola Designs?


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Interesting pergola designs use landscape features such as existing trees. Other designs complement an outdoor living feature, such as a fireplace. Different types of side walls are other aspects of unique pergola designs.

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Typical pergolas are garden structures used to cover walkways or serve as arbors. Contemporary designs incorporate existing garden features, such as building the roof around a tree that provides shade. For this design, a back wall with a window accent offers privacy. For a decorative design, incorporate architectural features of the home; for example, a pergola for a home with cedar shingles can use cedar wood supports.

Other designs integrate a pergola into a patio or deck to create a separate seating area. Similarly, a pergola with massive beams is a suitable design for use around a bulky outdoor fireplace. Many pergolas have four open sides, but to increase privacy a trellis wall on one side can offer seclusion while keeping a connection to the landscape. Another design for semi-seclusion is to use fabric to simulate curtains. Rods hold the drapery loose for privacy or ribbons tie them back for a sense of openness.

The traditional pergola design adds a climbing plant. Wisteria or grapevines provide color and shade and are decorative.

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