What Are Some Pergola Design Ideas?

Some pergola design ideas include building one over a hot tub, constructing one over a patio or even choosing a Mediterranean style. Other ideas include using a pergola over a walkway or to cover an outdoor bar.

Building a pergola over a hot tub is a popular design option, and it is ideal as it gives shade from the sun and blocks the wind, perfect for those who use their hot tubs in both the winter and summer months. Homeowners can further improve the design by adding a sun shade or planting vines. The same concept is good for building a pergola over a patio. Improvements to the pergola may include staining it a bold color or hanging plants from the top.

If looking for a unique design, a person may consider a Mediterranean-style pergola with terra cotta tiles. An individual may choose to also add Mediterranean elements to the pergola, such as clay pots with ferns, flickering candlelight, cedar tables and colors such as red, orange and yellow.

Constructing a pergola over a walkway is also a nice idea, and can serve as a way to protect the walkway, and those who walk along it, from the elements. A pergola also is useful when covering an outdoor bar, as this is a perfect way to shield the bar area from the sun and wind, making it a more enjoyable experience.