How Do You Perform Troubleshooting on an Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner?


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To troubleshoot an Electrolux vacuum, a person should check the suction, brush roller and motor. It is important that people make sure to unplug the vacuum before attempting any troubleshooting.

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If the Electrolux vacuum does not have adequate suction, an obstruction in the hose is likely. The hose should be detached and examined to remove the blockage. A mop or broom handle can also be inserted into the hose to ensure it is clear. Cleaning the dust cup may also help to improve suction, as can cleaning the filter screen.

If the issue is with the brush roller, something may be caught in it. To remedy this, a person should lie the vacuum on the ground in order to access the brush. The roller should be checked for thread, hair or debris. If seen, a person can cut it away with scissors. A misaligned belt may also cause a brush roller to malfunction, so users should check that, too.

If the motor is the issue, a person should check to make sure it has not overheated. The vacuum should be unplugged and examined for things that may have caused it to overheat. A blocked hose, dust cup or stuck brush roller may all cause overheating. The vacuum needs to sit for 30 minutes to cool, and then may be used again.

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