How Do You Perform Drywall Installation?


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Installing, or hanging, drywall requires cutting the drywall sheets to size, positioning it against the wall studs, and screwing it into place with drywall screws. Position the first sheet horizontally starting at the top of one corner of the room. Have an assistant help position the sheets as they are heavy and unwieldy. Once this sheet is firmly in place, gradually work around the room continuing to hang the sheet horizontally.

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Measure the wall before hanging any drywall sheets. Leave a 1/4-inch gap at each corner and at the top of the wall to allow space for hanging the drywall on the next wall and the ceiling.

When hanging a sheet, place the first screw in the middle of the sheet at any convenient height. Then, with an assistant holding the sheet in place, gradually screw the drywall into the studs about 16 inches apart. Make sure every sheet is screwed into every stud it covers.

If a sheet of drywall covers a doorway or window, cut it before installing additional sheets. For outlets, use a spiral saw to cut out a hole. Finally, protect any corners by installing metal corner beads. Nail these into place, as screws may distort them.

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