How Do You Perform a Bissell Troubleshooting?


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Troubleshooting a Bissell cleaning appliance depends on the model of the unit and the type of issue. Typical troubleshooting steps for a vacuum or carpet cleaner involve checking the brush heads for blockage, cleaning the included filter, if available, and making sure any hose attachments are firmly affixed.

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The Bissell website features a customer service portal that allows owners to access a wide range of help and support tools, including instructional videos that demonstrate the proper way to use different features on its various devices. It also contains instructional materials for performing basic maintenance on the machine, which also serve as troubleshooting methods depending on the issue. Using a maintenance tutorial to troubleshoot involves making a logical connection between the issue the owner observes and the purpose of the tutorial.

For example, if the owner of a Bissell vacuum notices that the unit is not picking up debris on the ground or that the suction power is much less than when she purchased it, she should first think about what could be causing this issue, such as a decreed capacity in the vacuum bag. By following the steps in the tutorial for changing the vacuum bag, she can see if that was the cause of the poor performance.

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