What Are Some Perennials That Thrive in the Shade?

Some perennials that thrive in the shade include the big root geranium, bleeding heart, hosta and brunnera. The hellebore and the Japanese painted fern can also make good choices for shady areas of the garden.

The big root geranium is a very hardy plant that is unattractive to pests. It is resistant to heat and can withstand relatively dry conditions, making it a good plant for warmer climates. It can grow up to two feet tall, so it is an excellent perennial for adding height to the garden.

The bleeding heart is naturally found in wooded areas, so it tends to do well in shady environments. It has attractive pink flowers in the shape of hearts that bloom in the spring and summer.

The hosta is not a flowering plant, but it has attractive foliage that comes in a number of colors. It comes in a variety of sizes, ranging from two feet to six feet wide.

The brunnera not only has attractive flowers, but also has eye-catching foliage. Its small flowers are a blue color, while its leaves often grow edged in white or silver. Rabbits and deer do not enjoy eating this plant, leaving it to blossom in peace.

The hellebore comes in colors ranging from white to dark burgundy. It blossoms very early, with flowers appearing as early as late winter.

The Japanese painted fern comes in colors such as green, burgundy and silver. Although it does not have flowers, its fronds can still add color to the garden.