What Are Some Perennial Ground Covers?


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Some perennial ground covers include Corsican mint, miniature brass buttons, mazus, blue star creeper, violet dark freckles and Roman chamomile. These perennial ground covers include ones that can survive in both sunny and shady areas. There are also options for light, moderate and heavy traffic.

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Corsican mint is perfect for shade, although it can also withstand some afternoon sun. This plant has tiny-pale blossoms, which appear in summer. It is actually described as a mint-scented herb that can easily be divided. Miniature brass buttons is a moisture-loving ground cover plant. This specific plant can withstand some morning light. Its leaves are tiny, pale and fern-like. It shows green-gold flowers in mid-spring.

The mazus plant has purple flowers that bloom in mid-spring. It is a drought-resistant plant, since its flowers survive the early summer. This particular plant can also be grown in full sun. Blue star creeper is usually very easy to grow. It has pale-blue flowers that last from spring through early fall. This particular plant survives better in filtered sun, although it can still withstand full sun.

Violet dark freckles is a moderately fast-growing perennial ground-cover plant. It produces freckled purple flowers in mid-spring. This plant creates a woodland effect, especially when combined with shade-loving mosses. Roman chamomile is a scented ground-covering plant that can survive very well in hot and dry places. To maintain its compact shape, the stem needs to be cut back to 2 inches from the ground immediately after it blooms.

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