What Are Some Perennial Flowers?


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Some perennial flowers include blanket flowers, Veronicas and tall garden phlox. Some others include Russian sage, asters and purple coneflowers.

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What Are Some Perennial Flowers?
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Blanket flowers are heat and drought tolerant, making them easy to grow. This wild flower also offers long-lasting color from summer through fall. Veronica provide brilliant blue or red color in large blooms that grow up to 24 inches tall. Tall garden flox, or Phlox paniculata, grow up to 4 feet high and provide large fragrant blooms.

Russian sage produces cloudy blue flowers up through late summer, while asters bloom in purple, red, blue and pink and can also grow quite tall. Purple coneflowers, with their distinct "upside-down" look, are tolerant of heat and drought and provide long-lasting booms.

Other perennials include switchgrass, yarrow, peonies, threadleaf coreopsis and Siberian iris.

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