What Perennial Flower Grows in Shade?


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Ten beautiful flowers that bloom in the shade are hellebore, bleeding heart, coral bells, lungwort, toad lily, astilbe, foxglove, primrose, Chinese indigo and southern indigo azalea. When choosing which plants are best for a shade garden, keep in mind soil type, hardiness zoning, space and type of shade.

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Before choosing which shade plants to purchase, check the hardiness zone map for the garden's location. Only perennials that match the zone can survive through the winter. Check the type of shade in the garden. Different plants require a variety of types of shade, ranging from partial to full shade. Plan the garden to allow proper spacing for each plant to avoid crowding as plants grow. Lastly, most shade plants require moist to semimoist soil. To maintain moisture, provide a layer of mulch or compost around the plants.

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