Why Do People Put up Fences?


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Fences increase the value of a property, help define space, keep animals in and people out and add privacy. Good, quality fencing can also serve as a decorative accent in the backyard.

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When a back yard butts up against the yards of other homes in a neighborhood, it can be a little confusing to recognize where one property ends and another begins. Adding a fence to the property boundaries can help a homeowner define his or her space. Once installed, fences also provide a measure of privacy, especially taller wooden or plastic fences. Planting a row of trees just inside the fence adds another level of privacy. This double barrier acts as soundproofing to keep out some of the noises that come with living close to other people, such as traffic, kids playing and dogs barking, as well as other sounds.

Those who have trouble with neighborhood children and pets coming into their yards can keep them out with a fence. Parents and pet owners keep their children and animals in with a fence too. In fact, a fenced yard provides a safe, enclosed space for both to run around in without fear.

Besides enhancing the look of a backyard's aesthetic, fencing also increases the value of a home. If considering selling the home, costs of installing the fence can also be incorporated in to the sales price.

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