How Do People Generally Rate Gerber Toilets?

Gerber toilets receive overall mixed ratings from consumers; for example, the Gerber Allerton two-piece toilet received five out of five stars on the Home Depot website as of 2015, while the Gerbel Maxwell toilet has an average rating of three stars. Sixty percent of reviewers give Gerber's two-piece rough-in Avalanche toilet five out of five stars, while the other 40 percent of those who purchased the toilet rated it at only one out of five stars.

Positive reviews on Gerber toilets reflect sentiments such as that they have a strong flushing power and are not as prone to blockages as other toilet brands. One Amazon reviewer states that the toilet was simple to install, although he wishes the installation instructions were a bit more detailed. He says the instructions seemed to assume the installer was a professional, but once he figured them out, he was pleased to see the toilet is not prone to leaking and is able to flush thoroughly.

A few Amazon reviewers, however, reported the opposite experience, stating that their Gerber toilets did not flush very well and clogged too easily. One particularly dissatisfied reviewer describes calling a plumber to remove the toilet shortly after installation, because it took multiple attempts to get it to flush. Another reviewer says the diameter of the Avalanche's siphon tube is too small, making the toilet prone to clogs when flushing anything other than liquids.