How Do I Get Pen Ink Out of My Dryer?


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Using a solvent-based, all-purpose cleaner or isopropyl alcohol usually dissolves the pen ink from the dryer drum, according to SF Gate. Before applying the cleaner to the ink, the owner should unplug it and allow the drum to cool to room temperature.

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Heloise at Good Housekeeping recommends contacting the dryer manufacturer to determine the appropriate cleaning procedure. The manufacturer's help line should inform consumers of products that are safe for use in the machine without damaging any parts.

If using a solvent-based cleaner, the owner should spray it on an old rag and use the rag to wipe the ink away from the interior of the drum. Removing the ink sometimes requires the addition of more cleaning solution. If the ink is resistant to removal, light scrubbing will help.

The solvent leaves a residue inside the drum. Wiping the dryer drum with a damp cloth removes any remaining traces. Due to the potential build-up of solvent fumes, it is important to leave the door open for a few hours after cleaning. This allows such fumes to dissipate. Closing the door too early traps the vapors, creating a fire hazard the next time the dryer is turned on. Once the machine is clean, drying a load of old towels ensures any residual ink does not transfer to more valuable clothes.

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