How Do Pelican Coolers Compare to Yeti Coolers?


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Pelican coolers have a larger capacity than Yeti coolers, ranging from 10.18 to 18.19 gallons, and are heavier by 6 to 9 pounds. Pelican cooler are made of stainless steel, use 3-inch press and pull latches and come with a lifetime warranty, says Pelican.

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As compared to Pelican coolers, the 35-, 45- and 65-quart Yeti coolers have a lower capacity, ranging from 7.2 to 14.3 gallons. The latter, designed for sportsmen, are made of lightweight aluminum and feature rubber latches. Additionally, the external dimensions of the Pelican coolers are approximately 4 to 5 inches larger than the Yeti ones, although the internal dimensions are quite similar.

Both Pelican and Yeti have 2 to 2.75 inches of insulation and can maintain ice at extreme temperatures for prolonged periods. Both are easy to handle and drain ice. In addition, the larger Pelican coolers can be folded when not in use and feature large handles that pivot up so the cooler doesn't hit the knee during carriage. Alternatively, Yeti coolers are bear-proof, according to Coolers on Sale.

Manufactured in the U.S., Pelican coolers are durable, come with a lifetime warranty and are cheaper. In comparison, Yeti coolers are made in the U.S.and Philippines, are more rugged in design and are priced slightly higher.

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