Is There a Pear Tree That Is Fruitless?


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Several varieties of pear trees are fruitless; the Bradford, Cleveland select and Jack varieties are common fruitless pear cultivars in the United States. Pear trees that don't bear fruit require little maintenance and are used as ornamentals.

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Is There a Pear Tree That Is Fruitless?
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The Bradford pear produces white blooms in the spring, and its leaves turn red, purple, yellow and orange in the fall. It is vulnerable to wind damage once it reaches the age of about 20, however, and falling branches can cause damage when they fall on houses, cars and power lines. It also produces seeds that scatter easily, producing trees that compete with other species. The Cleveland select was bred to have no seeds and branches that grow closer together to mitigate the problem of branch breakage. This tree offers the beauty of an ornamental pear without the drawbacks of the Bradford variety.

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