How Are Peach Seeds Planted?


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Peach seed are planted by taking the pit of a peach, putting it into the ground, tending to it accordingly, and ultimately allowing about 3 years for a full peach tree to grow. A peach seed can also be planted indoors using good quality soil, or in a plastic bag where it is left to germinate. In this process, it is cleaned, then placed in soil in a plastic bag, and planted into a pot once a root of 1/2 inch or more grows.

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How Are Peach Seeds Planted?
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To plant and grow a peach seed outdoors, plant it in the soil in the fall.

  1. Prepare the peach seed
  2. Scrub all of the meat from the peach off of the pit. Chill the peach seed for a minimum of 8 weeks before planting.
  3. Plant the pit of a peach in well-draining soil
  4. Plant the pit about 3 or 4 inches into the ground, and cover with about 1 inch of straw or mulch. Water it, and continue to do so when the soil is dry.
  5. Protect from animals
  6. If you live in an area where there are squirrels or chipmunks, it may be wise to plant the seed inside of a cage where animals cannot disturb it.
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