Why Is My Peace Lily Not Flowering?

While the peace lily is a shade-loving plant, a room that is too dark prevents it from flowering. Indoor placement with indirect lighting from a nearby window generally provides sufficient light to encourage blooming.

Peace lilies are of the genus Spathiphyllum and native to tropical regions of the Americas as well as southeastern Asia. They have large leaves and produce white flowers with a single petal. Southern Living advises that owners provide moist, well-drained soil and temperatures above 55 degrees. Lilies should be repotted if they begin wilting from a lack of water. Lilies should be fertilized once every six weeks using 20-20-20 liquid products. Leaves of plants that receive too much sunlight become pale green with brown edges, indicating the need to move to more shade. When plants do not receive enough water, the leaves wilt but revive quickly when owners water the plant. If the dry condition continues, plants develop dark green leaves with brown edges. Plants that collapse upon watering are too wet or subject to poor drainage. Owners should remove the saucer and allow the pot to drain. Fortunately, these plants are very forgiving, and once their owner corrects the underlying problem, they quickly become healthy and vibrant once again.