What Does a Payne Furnace Do?


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A Payne furnace provides heat to a home by circulating warm air through ductwork. Payne sells a range of high-efficiency gas furnaces with a variety of features.

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At the low end, Payne offers furnaces with an 80 percent annual fuel utilization efficiency rating. This rating indicates how efficiently a furnace converts fuel to heat. These furnaces are able to convert 80 percent of supplied fuel to heat. Models are available with standard, multi-speed or variable-speed blower motors. The more speeds a motor has, the quieter and more efficiently it can circulate the air.

The next level is a furnace with a 92 percent annual fuel efficiency rating. This model is a condensing gas furnace that uses two heat exchangers to extract more heat from the combustion process. A single-stage model, it turns on when heat is needed and turns off when the correct temperature is reached.

The most efficient models Payne offers have a 95 percent and 96 percent annual fuel efficiency rating. These models are also condensing gas furnaces with two heat exchangers for efficient use of fuel. They are two-stage models, which means they run at a lower setting most of the time and only run at full power when additional heat is needed. Variable-speed motors are used to circulate the air.

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