How Do You Pay an Alabama Power Bill?

How Do You Pay an Alabama Power Bill?

Customers can pay their Alabama Power bills through multiple ways, including online checking account payments, credit card payments, paying at the local office and mail-in payments. The customer can opt to use the same payment method every month or use a different method whenever they please.

Use the following steps to pay an Alabama Power bill:

  1. Pay online with a checking account
  2. Customers can log into their accounts or pay online without logging in, but do need to provide their account information and checking account information to set up a bank debit. Customers can also set up a monthly reoccurring payment that comes out of their checking account automatically.

  3. Pay online with a credit card
  4. Customers who want to pay with a credit card must use BillMatrix to pay online. The site accepts credit card information and the customer's Alabama Power account number during payment. A small fee is applied to the payment by BillMatrix.

  5. Mail-in payment
  6. To mail-in a payment, customers can send a check or money order with their monthly payment to Alabama Power. The address to send payments to is P.O. Box 242, Birmingham, AL 35292.

  7. Pay in person
  8. It is also possible to pay in person at a local Alabama Power office. Customers can look up the address of local offices on the Southern Company website. In-person payments can consist of cash, check, card and money order.