What Are Some Paver Patio Design Ideas?

Paver patio design ideas include herringbone patterns, a multi-leveled patio with curved edges and patterns with contrasting colors. The sizes and shapes of the pavers can vary, as can the material from which they are made. Some options include brick pavers, stone pavers and even concrete pavers.

Herringbone patterns are traditional and are typically made with brick pavers. The bricks are laid out in a V-shaped pattern, which keeps the eye moving. This pattern works well with bricks that are multiple colors and those that are all matching colors. This pattern can have curved edges or straight sides depending on the amount of sweat equity someone wishes to put into the project.

Pavers present an effective way to make patios that have multiple levels because of the cost and the variety of sizes that they can be found in. The different levels do not have to be drastically higher and lower than one another, but a small step down to a different level can give a simple patio an elegant feeling. This also helps divide an outdoor living space into separate areas based on different usage requirements.

Using contrasting colors in pavers can make a bold statement depending on the colors used. Alternating colors gives patios a pop of color and draws the eye to the pattern. The colors can match patio furniture or the home, depending on what the homeowner wishes.