What Are Some Patterns for Laying Brick Pavers?

Some patterns for laying brick pavers include basket weave, running bond, stack bond and herringbone. Each of these patterns works well with the rectangular shape of brick pavers. The basket weave and stack bond patterns don't usually require much cutting, while running bond and herringbone might require cuts on the end bricks to fit the space.

A basket weave pattern alternates between two horizontal and two vertical bricks side by side. The pattern starts with two bricks placed horizontally to form a small square. The next two bricks go vertically next to the horizontal bricks. The bricks in the next row are opposite of the first row. The first set of bricks goes vertically to contrast to the horizontal orientation of the previous row.

The running bond is the typical look of a brick wall with the bricks laid horizontally. The ends of the bricks in the second row are shifted so they don't line up with the ends of the bricks in the first row. This gives an offset look. Each row shifts so the ends of the bricks are offset.

A stack bond is also a horizontal layout, but the ends of the bricks line up. The bricks in each row are placed in the same position as the previous row.

The herringbone pattern is more complex. The bricks go at a 45-degree angle to create a chevron type pattern or a zigzag pattern.