What Are Some Patterns of Harkerware Dishes?

Harkerware dish patterns include Alpine, Bridal Rose, Cock O'Morn, Dainty Flower-Blue, Forget Me Not and Homestead. This pottery line has been around since 1857 and was started in Ohio.

The Alpine pattern is made up of white flower-like patterns with blue centers. The white flowers are done against a dusty rose background that makes them stand out very nicely. This pattern was discontinued in 1957.

Bridal Rose comes in two different versions. Both are white plates with pink flowers done in swag patterns around the edges. The difference between the two patterns is that one has a gold trim around the edge and the other does not.

Cock O'Morn comes in two versions as well. One is a rooster on a yellow background and the other is on a dusty rose or coral color. The rooster is made with sweeping lines and is standing in a group of flowers.

The Dainty Flower-Blue comes in three different style plates with the same white floral pattern on them. The three styles are Swirl, Virginia and Zephyr. Swirl and Virginia have the pattern in the center of the plate, but Swirl has a swirl mark on the edge, where Virginia is square with a ruffled edge. Zephyr is round like Swirl but has the flower pattering along the edge of the plate.