What Are Some Patterned Ceramic Tile Layouts?


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Some patterned ceramic tile layouts include one-tile, two-tile, three-tile and multiple-tile patterns. For backsplashes and bathroom tiles, contrasting patterns or designs with borders work well. The one-tile pattern uses tiles that are all the same size. The tiles may be laid in simple rows, like squares on a checkerboard, or staggered, like brickwork. The herringbone pattern, putting tiles at right angles to other tiles, is also done with tiles of one size.

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Two-tile patterns use two different size tiles. One option places a row of one size tiles next to a row of smaller rectangles, staggering the result. This is called a corridor pattern. A steppingstone pattern is made like a quilt, using rows of big squares with rows of smaller tiles in between.

The three-tile corridor pattern has three rows, each with a different size tile. Similarly, a trellis pattern uses one large square, one small square and two rectangles to make one larger square. The pattern is repeated until the finished work resembles a garden trellis.

There is no limit to the number of different tiles used in a multiple pattern. Mosaics are some of the most complicated designs in this category. The tiling should enhance the decor room or location, instead of overpowering it.

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