What Are Some Patriot Outdoor Lighting Options?

Patriot Lighting Solutions offers various outdoor lighting options for pathways, steps, landscape, and deck or patio. Options include lamp posts, lights placed in the landscape, downlights placed in trees, and lights placed on columns or brick walls.

Lamp posts illuminate walkways, making it safe for guests entering the home. Placing uplights in the landscape accentuates features in the yard such as statuary, trees, plants and the home. Downlights placed in tree branches are practically hidden, mimic moonlight and are an alternative to pathway lights.

Step lighting includes recessed lighting placed in the steps, lights placed under the steps or railings, and surface lighting placed on vertical posts. Spread lighting placed around the landscape is typically used to light walkways or larger areas of the landscape with its wider spread of light.

Outdoor lighting by Patriot Lighting Solutions increases the perceived value of the home, makes the home safer for the homeowners and guests, makes the home more secure, and adds to the beauty of the home. Patriot offers low-voltage lights with fixtures made of brass or copper. The wires and hardware are made of high-quality materials so water won't damage the lighting, even if totally underwater. Low-voltage lighting also saves money over traditional voltage lighting.