What Are Some Patio Ideas on a Budget?

What Are Some Patio Ideas on a Budget?

Some patio-decorating ideas for people on a budget include installing outdoor lighting, using container plants and selecting outdoor furniture and rugs. A trellis with climbing plants, such as ivy or wisteria, is another budget-friendly option that also adds a feeling of privacy.

Solar lighting is an economical way to illuminate a patio area at night. Outdoor lighting can be used to enhance specific features of the patio, such as a flower border or container plants.

A variety of inexpensive plants is available for use in containers. Vegetables, flowers and tropical plants are all good selections for patio containers. Plants that attract birds or butterflies can also be used. When selecting plants for use on the patio, it is important to consider natural lighting conditions, the climate and the size of the container.

Outdoor furniture and a weather-resistant rug give the patio the cozy feeling of an interior room. Attractive patio furniture can be purchased new or used. Used patio furniture is often sold at yard sales though used furniture may require cleaning or painting.

A trellis is an affordable way to create atmosphere on the patio. The addition of a climbing plant to a trellis provides shade and is an easy way to create a patio wall.