What Are Some Patio Herb Garden Ideas?

Container gardens are one of the best types of herb gardens for a patio setting. They are easy to create, require little maintenance and provide a good solution for small spaces, notes HGTV.

Patio herb gardens provide a means of getting herbs for the kitchen and enjoying gardening in a small space. Containers work well to accommodate this type of gardening and are extremely cost-effective. Since herbs overall are an easy kind of plant to grow, they are a good vegetation type for container gardens. One advantage of patio herb gardening with containers is that virtually any type of container can be used.

Containers that work for gardening include sand pails, pots, cookware, birdhouses, paint cans, boots, leftover bottles and even suitcases and purses. Any container that can hold water and dirt works as a gardening container. The best way to maximize patio space with containers is to hang them on walls. This reduces the amount of floor space taken up by the container herb garden. It is important for the container to have a drainage hole or be easy to tip so the pooling water can be easily removed. Container gardens for herbs offer an easy way to save space on a patio.