What Are Some Patio Deck Designs?


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To find patio designs created by others, use websites such as MyPatioDesign.com or PatioDesigners.com. When designing a patio, some important things to consider are location, its anticipated use and material preferences. There are many options for potential patio designs, so choose a design that provides maximum utility and suits personal tastes.

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Placement is important. If the patio is to be used for dining, consider placing it close to the kitchen. Alternatively, the patio may be placed away from the main house to be used as a separate space. The need for privacy should also be taken into consideration when choosing a location. Consider how many people the patio needs to accommodate, and plan its size accordingly.

Some of the most popular materials for building a patio are brick, flagstone, concrete and slate. When selecting material, consider the patio's likely uses, but always avoid slippery or uneven surfaces. When planning the design, decide whether to have the patio match the style of the home. Amenities must also be considered. Possible options include electricity, plumbing for an outdoor kitchen, decorative water features and fireplaces.

A patio makes a good project for an experienced do-it-yourselfer, but a homeowner with less experience can enlist the help of a builder.

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