How Do You Patch a Large Hole in Drywall?


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To patch a large hole in drywall, first find the wall studs or joists on both sides of the hole. Use a carpenter's square to draw a square or rectangular opening with 90-degree corners around the damage, making sure the edges line up with the wall studs or joists. Trace the lines with a utility knife, and cut the area with a drywall saw. Make sure the edges are smooth by removing any uneven portions with the utility knife.

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If you are able to remove the damaged portion of drywall in one piece, use it as a template to cut the patch. If not, measure the hole in the wall, transfer those measurements to the new drywall sheet using a pencil and a carpenter's square, and cut the patch accordingly.

Measure 2 inch by 4 inch or 2 inch by 2 inch cleats to fit in the open space, and install them. Attach them to the wall studs or joists with 3-inch screws positioned every 4 to 6 inches. Place the patch on the cleats and secure with 1 5/8-inch drywall screws every 6 inches. First place the screws in the middle, and then work out toward the edges.

Cut fiberglass tape to match the length of each seam, plus 2 inches, and cover each seam with it. Use joint compound to cover the tape in a wide layer, making sure to feather the edges. Add a second coat, and when it is dry, sand it until smooth.

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