How Do You Patch Holes in Walls?


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According to Lowes, a wall can be patched by repainting the whole wall or touching up patched areas with touch-up paint. If there are several holes that need patching, the walls can be repainted with a semi-gloss or shinier finish.

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To repair a small hole, such as one made by a tiny nail or screw, use a putty knife to fill the holes with spackling compound or wall joint compound. The area needs to be left to dry and then sanded lightly. Holes between ? inch and 1 ? inches in diameter can be bridged with a piece of adhesive-backed fiberglass mesh. Holes ranging from 1 ? inches to 6 inches in diameter must be bridged with an even stronger, more rigid material, such as a galvanized metal patch. For larger holes that are greater than 6 inches in diameter, you need two short one-by-threes and a scrap piece of drywall that you can cut out to fill in the wall cavity. In addition, a thick coat of joint compound needs to be applied around the edges of the patch and then sanded down. All compounds must be primed before being painted if the paint does not serve as a primer.

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