How Do You Patch Drywall?

Patch large holes in drywall with a piece of scrap drywall approximately 1 inch larger than the hole. Use the patch as a template to mark cutting lines on the wall. Insert a board behind the wall, and attach the patch.

  1. Cut the patching material

    Cut a rectangular patch from scrap drywall that's the same thickness as the drywall on the wall. The patch should be at least 1 inch larger than the hole.

  2. Mark the cutting lines

    Place the patch over the hole. Mark an arrow on one side of the patch, and mark an "x" on the wall to match the arrow. Use a pencil to mark around the patch. Use a drywall saw to cut from the hole to the corners of the patch. Cut along the lines using a drywall knife, and press the drywall back so it snaps. Cut the broken drywall from the hole.

  3. Insert a brace

    Cut a 1-inch-thick board that's longer than the hole. Use construction adhesive and drywall screws to hold the board in place.

  4. Install the patch

    Place the patch in the hole, and align the arrow and the "x." Use drywall screws to fasten the patch into place.

  5. Finish the patch

    Use joint compound and drywall tape to finish the job and prepare for painting.