What Are the Parts of a York Heat Pump?


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A York heat pump consists of two primary components, the outdoor compressor and the indoor air handler. In some installations, the indoor air handler may be part of a central air system. In the case of mini split heat pumps, there may be multiple indoor blowers in individual rooms.

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In each part of a heat pump, there is a set of coils through which a refrigerant liquid flows. When it passes through one set of coils, it absorbs heat from the ambient air, evaporating into a gas. It is then pressurized and pushed through the other set of coils, where it bleeds off the heat and condenses into a liquid state. In an air conditioner, this cycle only works in one direction, but in a heat pump, the cycle can be reversed. This allows the heat pump to transfer heat out of a home in summer and into a home in winter.

In a traditional heat pump, the indoor coils are situated in a central air handler connected to ducts that run throughout the home. Mini-split heat pumps replace the ducting, where heat can be lost, with wall-mounted blowers in individual rooms. This allows for a greater control of heating and cooling. Multiple indoor units can be connected to the same outdoor compressor.

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