In What Parts of the World Are Squat Toilets Popular?


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Squat toilets are popular in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. They are also common in parts of South America and Europe. There are more squat toilets than sitting toilets in China and India, the two most populated countries in the world.

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Squat toilets are most common in Asian countries, including Pakistan, Japan, Thailand, Korea and Indonesia. Countries in the Middle East also traditionally use squat toilets, including Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Israel and Kuwait. Egypt, Zimbabwe, Uganda and Sudan are among the countries in Africa which use squat toilets. In some countries where sitting toilets are becoming popular in homes, squat toilets are still prevalent in public restrooms because they are considered more hygienic and easier to clean since there is no skin contact with the toilet.

The squat toilet is also known as the squatty potty, pit toilet, Asian toilet and Eastern toilet. Squat toilets are holes in the ground requiring the user to squat, as opposed to sit, over the hole. Often the squatting platform surrounding the hole is made of porcelain, stainless steel, fiberglass or concrete. Some have flushable plumbing, while others require the use of buckets of water to rinse out the toilet for the next user.

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