What Are the Parts of a Wood Stove?

The parts of a wood stove are the firebox and lining, door and gaskets, stovepipe and chimney, catalysts, and a fireproof hearth. Together, the parts involved in a wood stove make up a complex system.

The firebox is the most important part of the wood stove, because this is where the wood is burned to produce heat. The firebox includes lining made up of either fireproof bricks or a ceramic refractory because of the high temperatures the wood produces.

The door of the wood stove is typically made of cast iron or steel and is hinged to the firebox on one side. The door is used to load wood into the firebox. Typically, it includes a sealing gasket to hold it in place.

A wood stove requires a good chimney system to work properly. The stovepipe is attached to the firebox and pushes the fumes up and out of the house through the chimney. The chimney produces a good draft to allow this to happen. This means that the wood stove doesn't allow smoke and fumes back into the house when the door is open.

The catalytic element of the wood stove is used to convert any harmful pollutants from the fire into harmless compounds. Finally, the fireproof hearth protects the section of the floor underneath the wood stove with fireproof material.