What Are Some Parts That Typically Need Replacing on a Shower Door?

What Are Some Parts That Typically Need Replacing on a Shower Door?

Shower door parts that typically need replacing include rollers, bumpers and catches. These may be replaced if damaged or to increase the door’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Because rollers come in different dimensions, a homeowner must look at the manufacturer's specifications before purchasing replacement parts to ensure a good fit. Rollers help the shower door to slide smoothly on its track. They can often be replaced while retaining the door's original fixing or carrier if it is not damaged.

Bumpers, also called guides, are the track that the rollers slide on to open or close the shower door. These are typically made of polymer or vinyl for durability and to make the door easy to operate.

Catches help to secure shower doors in place. Missing or broken catches are some of the most common problems associated with failing shower doors. Most catches are made out of stainless steel, although other materials are available, including glass.

Rollers, bumpers and catches are often interchangeable, so other brands can be used with older shower doors if the original parts are out of production. Carrying a sample replacement part to the hardware store makes it easy to ensure that the new part is compatible with the door. Most of these parts can be changed easily with the right tools and basic do-it-yourself skills.