Which Parts Should Be Inspected When Buying a Used Welding Machine?


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Buyers should inspect the torch and any other detachable components, as well as the connecting tubes and base of a used welding machine before completing a purchase. The power source of the welder should also be inspected to make sure there are no cracks or exposed components.

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The first thing a buyer needs to do is decide the type of welder she needs. Common types include a TIG welder, a MIG welder and a Stick welder, each of which is ideal for different types of metals. For example, a MIG welder is the only one of the three that should be used on aluminum, but is not suitable for work with iron or titanium. Knowing the intended use of the machine helps the buyer narrow down listings and make the most effective choice.

Once the buyer locates a used welding machine that is suitable for her purposes, she should inspect the unit for any damage, as it can lead to major safety risks. A thorough inspection includes checking the main body of the machine for holes or ruptures, as well as the actual welding torch. If the unit has any detachable parts, they should be removed and the mounting slots should be inspected for a proper fit.

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