Which Parts of a Sanyo Air Conditioner Contain Copper?


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Distribution tube fittings and condenser and evaporator coils are made from copper in many Sanyo air conditioners. Some models may use aluminum parts for one or both of these components, however. Wiring within the air conditioners also contains some small amounts of copper.

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Copper is frequently used for the condenser and evaporator coil systems in air conditioners, according to technical website Madehow. Copper is well-suited for use in these systems as it has a high thermal conductivity. This high conductivity facilitates heat exchange between the air drawn into the unit and the refrigerant fluid, allowing for an efficient transfer of heat from the interior air to the refrigerant and from the refrigerant to the exhaust. Copper is also used in the tubing that connects major components of the air conditioner for the same reasons.

Some air conditioners incorporate aluminum parts into their design, including some Sanyo models that use aluminum cooling fins. Aluminum is used for many of the same reasons as copper, especially its high thermal conductivity and its light weight. Even these designs often contain some copper elements, however, such as when aluminum plates or radiator fins are used in conjunction with traditional copper condenser and evaporator coils and tubing.

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