What Are the Parts in a Remington Pole Saw?


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A Remington electric pole saw is composed of a trigger switch, latch lever, hand guard, chain, bar, oil cap, bracket kit, sprocket kit, E-ring, adjustment plate, sprocket cover, a sprocket and a pole extension. The chain of the pole saw may be one of two different designs.

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The more common design, called a full compliment chain, has one small blade situated at two link intervals along the chain. A full skip chain has one blade for three links. Blades on the pole saw chain are composed of a "tooth" and a "raker." The raker is positioned in front of the tooth of the blade and regulates the depth at which the chain cuts. If the raker is too small, the pole saw may kick back and cause injury.

Kickback occurs when the bar, which holds the chain, comes in contact with the object that is being cut. This causes the pole saw to lurch up and away from the object. However, if the raker is too large, the pole saw does not cut effectively. The sprocket of the pole saw is the driving force behind the chain. It is turned by a small motor located in the head of the pole saw.

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