What Are the Parts of a Powerflex Water Heater?


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The major parts of a Powerflex water heater include the tank, blower, burner, pilot assembly, flue baffle, thermostat, heat traps, anode rod, cold water dip tube and a drain tube. Supplemental parts are found within or attached to some of these structures.

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Powerflex water heaters are tanked and run on either natural or propane gas. All tanks have the anode rod, which heats the water, and a cold water dip tube. The blower sits on the top and is attached to the flue to take harmful gases out of the home. The heat traps are on the top, next to the blower. Midway down the tank is a temperature and pressure valve.

At the bottom, towards the front of the tank, is the gas valve and thermostat, pilot light assembly and either a natural gas or propane gas burner, all hidden behind a manifold door gasket and an additional outer door plate. The drain valve, used to empty the tank for repair or replacement, is just above the burner assembly.

Most of the parts on Powerflex models PVG and PDVG are the same, except the parts designed specifically to deal with natural or propane gas. For example, the burners for the water heater are always circular, but those for natural gas are smaller in circumference. The vent holes that distribute the gas are also shaped differently.

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