What Are the Parts of a Nordyne Air Conditioner?


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Nordyne air conditioners typically contain a compressor, an expansion valve, hot condenser coils, chilled evaporator coils, two fans and a control unit. Specific parts, however, vary by model.

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Nordyne air conditioners use a basic evaporation cycle to generate chilled air. This cycle starts with the compressor, which pressurizes gaseous refrigerant into a high temperature. As this gas circulates through the condenser coils, it is cooled by the lower outdoor ambient air temperature and condensed into a lower-temperature liquid. The refrigerant then moves into an expansion valve, where pressure is lowered dramatically, dropping the temperature through flash evaporation; this chilled air is then moved indoors.

Once inside a building, the chilled air is moved across an evaporator, also known as a chilling coil. This lowers the air temperature further, which is then circulated throughout the building with a fan or air handler. After this, the refrigerant is pumped back to the compressor, beginning the cycle again.

Single-package air-conditioning systems house the entire process in exterior units, blowing chilled air into a building from outside. In contrast, split systems have the condenser and evaporator coils separated into outdoor and indoor units. Nordyne maintains parts list literature on the company website for both varieties of air-conditioning units.

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