What Parts Are Needed for Heating Duct Installation?


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Duct insulation, duct tape, and a knife or heavy-duty scissors are the parts and tools needed for heating duct installation. Determine the amount of duct material necessary for the installation by sketching an outline of the envisioned duct work layout and estimating the amount of linear footage to be used.

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Calculate the amount of heat needed in the home using the heat measurement cubic feet per minute. A square foot in a room requires about 1 cubic foot per minute.

Find out the appropriate duct sizes for the house while taking into consideration the size of each room, number of vents and length of duct from the rooms to the furnace. Choose a 4-inch duct for 30 cubic feet per minute, a 6-inch duct for 110 cubic feet per minute and an 8-inch duct for 230 cubic feet per minute. Buy a 12-inch duct to mach 680 cubic feet per minute and a 14-inch duct for 1,000 cubic feet per minute.

Start connecting the ducts by cutting them to appropriate sizes using a knife or a pair of heavy-duty scissors. Fold the insulation, and slide a metal sleeve into the folded pieces. Attach and secure the sleeves with duct tape. Use duct tape again to cover the seams on the ducts to reduce heat loss, and insulate the newly installed ducts.

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