What Parts Do You Need to Replace on a Squeaky Dryer?


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Squeaky noises in a dryer may indicate that the drum glides or bearings are worn and need to be replaced. In some dryers, a squeaking noise may also be caused by worn drum support rollers.

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Drum glides support the front of the dryer drum on either side and give a smooth surface on which the drum turns. As drum glides become worn, the bare metal scrapes against the drum, producing a squeaking or squealing noise.

Drum glides are inspected by removing the dryer's cabinet. If any of the drum glides are worn, they all need to be replaced. Some dryers also have a bearing that supports the rear of the drum. This bearing is examined in the same method as the drum glides and should be replaced if it appears worn.

Many dryer models have rollers that support the dryer drum. These rollers are supported by shafts that allow them to turn freely and are located on the rear and sometimes front bulkhead of the machine. If one or more of these rollers cannot spin freely, it produces a squealing sound. Rollers are examined by removing the drum and front panel of the dryer. As all rollers wear evenly, one worn roller indicates that they all need to be replaced.

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