What Parts Do You Need to Repair an LG Washer?

The parts needed to repair an LG washer include an agitator repair kit, drain pump, pressure switch and door lock motor. The specific parts required to repair an LG washer depend on the particular problem.

Use an agitator repair kit to repair a washing machine that fails to move the clothing through the water. Such repair kits are available at most appliance repair shops; the kits include various agitator components that tend to fail or wear out over time.

Fix a leaking washer with a new drain pump. A damaged or cracked drain pump and worn-out pump bearings cause the machine to leak water. Although repair is possible in cases of minor damage, the pump usually needs replacement.

Use a new pressure switch to fix an overflowing washer. This part is responsible for shutting off water into the machine once it reaches the proper level by shutting off power to the water inlet valve. A clogged or leaking pressure switch air tube may also cause this problem; inspect the tube before replacing the pressure switch.

Lastly, use a new door lock motor to fix a washer door that does not close. A faulty door lock prevents the washer from operating as part of the machine’s safety features.