What Parts Do You Need If a Frigidaire Freezer Is Leaking?

parts-need-frigidaire-freezer-leaking Credit: Justin Baeder/CC-BY 2.0

The most common causes for a freezer leaking water is a full drip pan, damaged drain hose or a frozen or clogged defrost drain. Repair is not likely to require any special parts, but tools such as a hose connector, hose clamp, screwdriver, pliers and basting syringe will be needed.

To repair a defrost drain, a user should first unplug the freezer, then unscrew and remove the front panel to access the drain hose and drip pan. The drip pan catches overflow defrost water, and if it is full, the water may spill over onto the floor. The drip pan should be emptied first, as it can be the source of the leak.

If the drip pan is empty and there is still a leak, then the next step is to examine the drain hose. If the hose is separated from a coupler or is otherwise damaged, it can be causing a leak. Use a hose coupler or clamp to squeeze the hose back into the coupler or mend damage.

If the drain hose is intact, then the defrost drain may be clogged or frozen over. Using a basting syringe and a solution of half bleach and half hot water, the drain can be cleaned or unclogged.