What Parts Do You Need to Build a Windmill?


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To build a windmill, it is necessary to have sails, a circular disk, broom, tail and a long post. It is possible to make these parts out of plywood, wood, broom poles, self-tapping screws and a wood screw.

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To make a windmill, make eight sails out of plywood, they should be about 2 by 12 inches. After that, make a circle out of wood to be about 6 inches in diameter, and drill a hole in the center of it. When drilling a hole in the middle of the wooden circle, make sure that it is measured out and leveled perfectly, as the windmill may wobble if the hole is uneven. Divide the wooden circle into eight parts on one side of the circle, and mark those dividing lines using a pencil. Continue the lines along the width of the circle, and divide it into eight parts on the other side.

Make sure that the lines on the other side are shifted to the right comparing to the first side. Connect the opposing lines on the sides by making marks on the width of the circle. Draw another eight lines parallel to the slanting lines. The distance between the lines should be a little larger than the width of the sails. Make cuts along those lines using a saw, and insert sails into the holes.

Connect a piece of broom to the wooden circle, a piece of plywood to the broom, and secure everything on a long post.

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