What Parts Are Included in an Onan Generator?

What Parts Are Included in an Onan Generator?

Onan generators, now manufactured by Cummins, come in multiple models for several uses, such as recreational vehicles, marine use, residential use and commercial use, and each model includes different components. Standard residential models generally include the generator itself, a remote control, alternator and electronic control, fuel line and manual.

Other standard features of Onan generators include automatic load management, a polymer installation base and an electronic governor. Onan generators also offer 2,000-hour or more warranties, service and maintenance information available on the unit's display screen and remote monitoring with email notification.

Most Onan generators are self-monitoring and report any issues by projecting the issue on the unit's digital display. Additionally, units come standard with automatic load management that handles non-essential household loads for maximum efficiency. Onan generators are also designed for quietness of operation, eliminating the high noise levels often produced by generators.

Some Onan models are air-cooled, while others are liquid-cooled. The liquid-cooled models include a 120V coolant heater and can be used with natural gas or LP vapor, neither of which is included with the unit. These models also come with aluminum or steel enclosures to prevent corrosion, and they include a Cummins automatic transfer panel.

Other Onan models include PowerConnect and QuietConnect models, which come with most components previously described, as well as additional features designed for extra power and further sound dampening.