What Are Some Parts Included With a Lopi Pellet Stove?


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The Lopi AGP pellet stove includes an arched door and ashlip, an 80-pound capacity hopper with a horizontal rotary disk feed and an external control panel. Other standard parts of the AGP, which burns all grades of pellets, include an ash pan and combustion fan. Additional accessories, such as child safety screens, may be purchased separately.

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The horizontal rotary disk feed is crucial to the Lopi AGP pellet stove's clean burning performance, safety and efficiency. This part ensures that the pellet hopper feeds the correct amount of pellets into the stove. A small drive motor powers the disk, which is located just beneath the pellet hopper. The stoves also include two internal fans: a heat high transfer convection fan and a combustion fan.

Lopi AGP stoves come equipped with large ashpans that are easy to access and clean. The stoves' stainless steel burn platforms are tilted at an angle that keeps them free of ash and unburned clinkers. The AGPs are constructed with 3-inch exhaust ports, which are adequate for venting purposes.

Those who own an existing fireplace can purchase an insert kit separately to convert the hearth into a space for the pellet stove. Lopi also sells venting kits that can be used for fireplace conversion. Whether a stove is freestanding or part of a fireplace conversion, a homeowner can control it using the control panel mounted on the outside of the unit. These controls enable users to start and stop the stove and adjust the heat and fan. Users can also control the stove via a remote thermostat, and those with fireplace insert kits can replace fuses through the panel system's fuse feature.

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