What Are the Parts of a Fedders Air Conditioning Unit?


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The primary components of a Fedders air conditioning unit consist of an evaporator, compressor, condenser and expansion valve. A thermostat, control panel, fan and case are also parts of a Fedders air conditioner.

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Fedders air conditioning units operate on the same principles as other air conditioners, where a working refrigerant fluid is used to exchange heat from the interior of a cooled space to the exterior air. This is accomplished by the evaporator and condenser units, consisting of large coils of metal tubing inside the case of the air conditioner. Refrigerant heated by the air in the interior of a building evaporates in the evaporator and is collected in the condenser, where it becomes liquid again and releases heat into the exterior air. The compressor then pressurizes the liquid coolant and pumps it back through the air conditioner to collect and expel additional heat. The expansion valve controls the flow of coolant into the evaporator, hence the cooling capacity of the air conditioner.

Fans are used in Fedders air conditioners to blow cooled exhaust air back into the interior of a building and to blow heated exhaust air out into the exterior air. While central air units often separate the evaporator and control units into separate units, Fedders window and in-wall air conditioners contain all these elements in a single case.

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