What Are the Parts of an Englander Stove?


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The parts of an Englander stove include control panels, augur motors, combustion blowers and door gasket. A few other parts, which may require replacement over time, are the stove igniter, dust screens, window glass and ash pan.

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The augur motor conveys the pellets to the burn pot from the hopper while turning the augur. It also keeps the flame alive. The motor needs to be replaced if it slows down. With the older stove models, the augur may stop turning when the stove gets hot, in which case the motor must be replaced.The Englander stove’s digital control panel and circuit board is used to adjust the temperature or heat level. Nine different heat levels are available.

The Englander pellet stove igniter fits most models of Englander’s wood pellet stoves. The igniter is 4 inches long and has two clips that make it easy to disconnect. The igniter must be correctly aligned at the front of the stove, positioned in the tube's center with a gap of about a quarter inch from the front edge. The door gasket for Englander's 25-PDVC pellet stoves is three-quarters of an inch wide, and high quality versions with additional graphite are available for upgrade purposes.

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