What Are the Parts of an EMCO Storm Door?


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The main parts for an EMCO storm door include a door sweep, drip cap, door screen, z-bar and door window glass pane. Other parts include the door mounting, mullion and retainer kit. The door sweep is located at the base of the door and helps to seal off the door.

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The door's drip cap prevents water from entering the frame of the EMCO storm door. Water that enters the frame can cause damage to the door. Two EMCO storm door z-bars are located on either side of the door frame. The z-bars can be extended and are designed to fill in any extra space between the frame of the EMCO storm door and the door jambs.

The mullion is a component of the EMCO storm door that is designed to separate the screen of the door into two parts in order to provide structural support for the screen. The retainer kit includes retainer strips and mounting screws that hold the storm door window pane in place.

Most parts for EMCO storm doors can be purchased through AndersonStormDoors.com's online store. The Anderson company owns EMCO Enterprises, which manufactures Anderson and EMCO storm doors. The part inventory on the website is organized by storm door serial number. The website also features a generic parts inventory as well that includes parts for most EMCO storm door models.

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