What Parts of an Electric Furnace Are Replaceable by the Consumer?


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Parts of an electrical furnace a consumer can replace include blown fuses, clogged filters and damaged belts. Consumers should call a professional technician for repairs to or replacement of parts such as electrical connections, transformers, power relays, heating relays or heating elements.

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Most electrical furnaces have fuses at the main electrical service panel, but some have a separate fuse box or a built-in fuse panel. If the furnace does not run at all, resetting a breaker or replacing a fuse often fixes the problem. If the furnace keeps turning on and off or is not generating enough heat and raising the thermostat setting does not solve the problem, the filter may be dirty. Consumers can first try cleaning the filter, but when filters become too clogged, consumers must replace them. At the same time, the person doing repairs can clean out the blower assembly and check to ensure all registers are open and unblocked by any household items.

Another possible cause of insufficient heat or excessive noise is a loose, worn or damaged blower belt. Consumers can first try adjusting the belt or spraying it with fan belt dressing, but if these attempts do not solve the problem, they may need to replace the belt.

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