What Parts Are Covered by the Amana Air Conditioner Warranty Policy?

What Parts Are Covered by the Amana Air Conditioner Warranty Policy?

For owner-occupied residences in general, the warranties for Amana air conditioners cover the replacement of a unit's compressor for the lifetime of its registered owner, while a 10-year limited parts warranty covers all other functional parts. These terms may vary, however, depending on the model and the type of installation.

Amana only offers its lifetime compressor-replacement warranty on its higher-end models, which, in its 2015 product line-up, includes all models rated at 16 SEER or higher. On lower-performance models, compressors are covered under the same 10-year limited parts warranty offered for the other functional components on the unit.

In addition to the model-specific terms, the type of installation also affects the duration of Amana's warranties. Air conditioners installed at multi-family residences are warranted for a period of 10 years. Warranties for commercial installations, on the other hand, remain in effect for up to five years. These installation-specific restrictions apply to all Amana air conditioner models.

Amana also limits the validity of its warranties to the original registered owner of the unit. That registered owner must also own the building the air conditioner is installed at. Warranties are voided when ownership of the building is transferred, and in the case of owner-occupied residences, when the registered owner moves out of the property.

Dealers may offer additional service agreements that extend Amana's standard air conditioner warranties. Amana advises owners to consult a local dealer for a full description of the warranties that apply to their specific model.